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Monday, September 18, 2006

I Just HAD to Blog This...

I know I'm on a self-imposed hiatus, but I just HAD to blog this...

So DH comes home early today from work (he'd worked ALL weekend long for a big move project as his company was moving to a different floor, basically, a big nightmare with all the servers and desks and phones and crap... but anyway, we're not talking about HIM). LOL

Anyhow, I have a turkey breast thawing for dinner tonight and DH looks at that and goes hmm.... tacos? (he frequently nixes my ideas for dinner, annoying tho it may be). I tell him the meat for tacos isn't defrosted yet and he offers to help me cook. Yay! I won't say no to that. But then getting the ingredients out, he looks at me and says, "How about Taco Time?"

For those who don't know, it's a fast food "Mexican" joint here in the Northwest. "Score!" I think to myself. I don't have to cook!

Of course, it's ME who has to go GET the food, so I get into my car (which is finally paid off YAY!) and drive the what, 5 blocks? to the Taco Time (it's really close) and of course, I have a big order... 4 kids meals and a bunch of tacos and burritos (DH is really hungry).

I'm waiting there while they get my order ready, and there's a bunch of guys who must have been a church group because there was really no reason for them to be together--AT ALL. Two white guys, one a tall middle-aged gentleman who was talking in Spanish to the people behind the counter with an atrocious American accent, and one younger white guy, along with two black guys, one a bigger guy and one a skinny guy in his early twenties.

Anyhow, so I'm standing there and the older guy who was speaking Spanish (but not to me) says "Excuse me" in my ear, and I, of course, think I'm in his way for something, so I move, and he's like, "No no, I just want to tell you something."

"What's that?" I say politely.

"You know that big guy I'm with? The guy who just went to the bathroom? He thinks you're cute. He thinks your good-looking. His name is Aaron. Just so you know."

Shocked doesn't even begin to explain the emotion I was overcome with in that moment. My first thought was Dear God, someone thinks I'm good-looking?? My second thought was WTF? Am I back in high school?!?

So I'm staring at the guy, my jaw hit the floor, and the guys who were waiting for their food behind me were looking at me, as if to see what I would do. Hell, *I* don't even know what I'm going to do at this point... The guy starts to walk away and I say, "Tell him thank you for the compliment, but I'm married. But I'm extreeeemly flattered."

The guy was like, "Oh, okay, I'm sorry," all repentent-like... And of course, the big guy comes out of the bathroom looking at me like expecting me to do something (clearly he'd talked to the other guy about approaching me before he went to the bathroom), but I ignored him for the most part, not wanting to cause any more of a scene than had already happened. The guys behind me were probably thinking "Good Gawd, he thinks SHE'S hot?? Get the man a pair of glasses!!!"

Lemme tell ya. Stained shirt. I hadn't showered today (eww, I know), hair back in a ponytail, no make-up (of course, I never *wear* make-up, so....) But I was Frump Queen 9,000 today.

Regardless of the fact that it put a smile on my face, I realized it made me uncomfortable as well. Not because I didn't find the poor guy attractive (well, there was that), but because I've never had that happen to me before. NO ONE, besides my husband, has ever approached me about being good-looking. I didn't know what the heck to do! Does that mean more men find me attractive and just don't say anything? Perhaps it's the ring or the kids that turn them off. LOL

This time I didn't have the kids with me, and I was driving the Maxima, not the big family van.

Today, I was a hottie. (in some weird Twilight Zone-ish kinda way).

Tomorrow, it's back to being Invisi-Mom.

Thank you, Aaron, wherever you may be, for giving this frumpy-housewife-mother-of-four-romance-author a thrill today. :D



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