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Saturday, August 12, 2006

I have been so lax lately on my personal blog!

For shame! :P I've either been too busy or too boring to blog anything. LOL Seriously, I don't lead a glamorous life at all. This past week, I've been writing my second BEAST book, and I just heard word that my Wolverine Chronicles have been accepted at Samhain Publishing! This is big news for me, because I've been lamenting the fact that they haven't been available anywhere for MONTHS. And readers are chomping at the bit to read the rest of the series.

The series has since been renamed to "LEGENDS OF MYNOS", because my editor thought that the "Wolverine Chronicles" sounded to much like an X-men episode. LOL I really love the name, because all three books follow the adventures of Mynos, the central dragon throughout the series.

A few other good reasons why I'm dancin' about being accepted at Samhain:

1. They offer advances for their books (Not previously published ones, tho. So I won't get an advance for WatR, but I will for the others. :D )

2. They pay royalties monthly instead of quarterly.

3. Their books are available in Border's and Waldenbooks, and they are actively seeking other stores to be stocked in.

4. They have a huge reader base.

I really believe this is going to help my career tremendously, so I've been basically all wrapped up in that lately.

So there you have it: Why I have been forsaking Becka's Babble for about a week. LOL



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