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Saturday, July 29, 2006

My Poor Baby

So my kids have been looking forward to a sleepover at their aunt's house down in Salem, about 50 miles away from where we live. They've been bouncing off the walls, because today is the day my sister is coming to pick them up.

But last night, Miriam, my second oldest girl, began puking. I don't know what it is with my kids and puking lately, but it was pretty gnarly. One of those episodes where I was thankful I have two washers and dryers, if you know what I mean. And ever since then, she's been puking up nothing, the poor dear.

So, I had to call my sister and tell her that Miriam couldn't come. Miriam is disappointed, but she's at that point that she'd rather be in bed than not be in bed. You know the feeling, you're so sick you don't want to move.

But I've talked with my sis, and she says she'll still come to get Hannah for the sleepover, and maybe sometime in the future, perhaps August, she'll have a sleepover just for Miriam. I really hope so, because poor Miriam already has the middle child syndrome. Even though she's second born out of four, she's the middle girl, and she has it bad. She sees Hannah get to do things first, and Monie gets by on her cuteness alone. LOL Miriam is a beautiful girl, but she gets melancholy some times. So I want to do something special for her today.

I had planned on taking my two younger kids out to ice cream and a movie to make them feel better that they weren't going to the sleepover, but I don't think I can do that now with one of the kids pukey. Therefore, we're resigned to watch movies all day. And for my kids, I think that will be a pretty great day.

And I hope Miriam won't feel left out, although, I'm not sure how much Mommy can actually influence her on this. I have a feeling she's going to be my moody teen, and she's only 6. **sigh** :(



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