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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Domino Effect

When you have kids, especially more than one, you are resigned to the fact that when one gets sick, the rest are soon to follow. I have four kids. So imagine how much an illness in my house must really rampage through my family members.

Welp, that's what happened.

As you may remember from the post below, my middle daughter had the pukey's a little while ago, the day before she was supposed to go on a sleepover to her aunt's house. Well, I sent my oldest child on the sleepover, since she wasn't sick. Guess what happened the next morning? You guessed it, pukeys at the relatives' house. Poor thing. She got it bad, too. Then the next day, my youngest daughter got the pukeys too, and forgot about the pot I gave her to sleep with. She decided the floor was a much better candidate.

Why do the fates mock me by making the pukeys strike at night time??

Then on Monday, they hit DH with a vengeance. He stayed home from work yesterday. Thankfully, neither myself or my son have gotten it **knock on wood**. I've already had pukeys this year. I hate the pukeys.

Thankfully, it seems to have run it's course. Hallelujah.



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