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Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Wild Blackberry Bush from Hell and Other Weekend Adventures

So DH and I did some yardwork this weekend, and cut back an evil (with a capital E) wild blackberry bush. It had been growing on the side of our fence for months, and only just now did we have the drive to go attack it. The thing was so out of control, that the branches (yes, branches) extended out into our backyard by many, many feet. Regardless of the fact that we were both wearing gloves, the blackberry bush and all of it's thorns fought us until the bitter end. Unfortunately, we were unable to uproot it, as the roots are firmly planted in the "gray zone", the space between our chain link fence, and the neighbor's wooden fence. So we predict we'll have to cut that beast back many times over the course of our lives. DH actually wants to get some bush killer to get rid of it once and for all. I hate those thorny bastards. LOL

Not only that, but we finally cleaned up our Fourth of July mess. Yes, we're so lazy that the tub of water we had for our festivities was still out there, full of spent fireworks cartridges. Lemme tell ya, ain't nothing fouler than smelling the pungent aroma of rotting sulpher. **shudders** Now I know what it must smell like in the Bog of Eternal Stench.

We went to Barnes & Noble today and amazingly enough, I didn't get any books. However, I did ask the lady behind the counter who I needed to talk with to get my books on their shelves. I was given a name and a phone number to call Monday - Friday, and hopefully I'll see something come out of this. That would be awesome. :)

For lunch, we went to Juan Colorado's, a seriously fabulous Mexican restaurant. We go there all the time and all the waiters know us and totally love our kids. It's great to go and eat good food and get great service. Not to mention the four cheers that lift into the air once the kids realized where we were going. LOL



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