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Thursday, July 20, 2006

My Dad

My Dad is coming to my house to spend the weekend with us. He lives 50 miles away in Salem and we see him all the time, but the poor guy lives by himself and doesn't have decent meals, so I thought it would be great to invite him up to spend some time with us. We're going to have a lot of fun!

Some random Becka info... My father's name is Gilbert Keith Goodwin, born in 1935. Yup, he's a fogey. LOL His father, George Edward Goodwin, wanted his son to have the initials "GKG", just like HIS father before him. My great-grandfather's name was George Kitteridge Goodwin. You may recognize the name "Kitteridge", as I've loved it ever since I was a girl, and I gave one of my heroes this last name; Jeremy Kitteridge in UNDERNEATH THE MISTLETOE, a novella in Champagne Books's MISTLETOE MAGIC. :)

My grandmother didn't want to name her baby "George", so they looked for another "G" name. We even found the list of names they considered in an old photo album. Our favorite was Geoffrey. Perhaps they didn't pick it because of it's spelling. But that's the name of my hero in THE WOLVERINE AND THE ROSE. :P They decided on "Gilbert", and no one knows why. No one even liked that name.

My grandparents called him "Keith". And Keith he remains. He only uses his first name on "official" correspondence.

This is all probably boring you to tears, but once again, I have nothing to blog about. Aside from the fact that I think I have pushed through my muse-apation, what happens to writers when they are stuck for long periods of time without writing. However, the irony of this is; my dad is coming up for the weekend.

So I can't write.

Somewhere, fate is laughing at me. :)



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