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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Does Anyone Actually Read This Thing?

Raise your hand if you're a reader of Becka's Babble. Post a comment to let me know. I have no idea if people actually come here and read my ramblings. I'm just curious.

Oh, and I've lost 30 lbs. since the end of March on Weight Watchers. Woohoo! My pants fit again! Hallelujah!




At 3:38 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

I am a faithful reader.



At 3:39 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

30 lbs?? Wow you rock!

At 4:59 PM , Blogger Becka said...

:D Thanks! I was surprised at that too, but they keep comin' off, so as long as I keep losin', I'll be happy.

Both of my parents are diabetic, and I thought dang, I need to do something. I might not be able to stop getting the disease myself (70% chance with both parents), but I can control my weight so it would be less severe.

Amazingly, it's a lifestyle change, not a "diet". But honestly, when I eat like I used to, I've gotta visit the porcelain throne a few hours later if you know what I mean. ;D




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