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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Becka's Truck Facts 101

Is it me, or are all big trucks driven by good-looking men? What's the deal? Little trucks don't count. The small Nissan pick-up doesn't factor here. I'm talking the GMC, the Ford, the Dodge, the Chevy. And I'm not talking the older rust-buckets. I'm talking newer trucks.

All nice-looking BIG trucks are driven by good-looking men. And I'm not just talking about "OK" men or "yeah, he's all right", I mean, hot guys. Even the older men who drive the bigger pick-ups are good-looking.

What's the deal here?

I want you to look around your hometown at all the men who drive the big trucks and see for yourself. I've noticed this phenomenon, but only just now realized it.

Is it Freud? Bigger trucks mean bigger "ahem" you-know-whats-its? Bigger trucks attract the attention of females? Alpha men just do it bigger? LOL

I really don't know what's going on here, but I challenge you to find a newer, bigger truck, deisel or otherwise, and find an ugly man at the wheel.

In fact, if there happens to be a woman driving the big, newer truck is usually good-looking herself.

There is truth in this. Mark my words and see for yourself.

It's really odd. :P



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