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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympic-Sized Ego

So, I've been watching the Olympics off and on, seen as how they've taken over the network and I'm forced to watch the games rather than my normal shows. Nothing really exciting. Some diving. Some soccer. I always seem to miss the events I like, such as gymnastics and such. But I want to talk a bit about the Olympians themselves.

Are they so "coached" for gold that all else is crap? "If it's not gold it's crap!" is that how the saying now goes?

Check out this article I found today:

Headline reads: Wrestler discards medal in Olympic tantrum

Couple this with the American women disappointed they didn't win gold for gymnastics and shedding tears for silver. And who can forget the Olympic Russian gymnast a few games ago who tore off her silver in disgust after the medal ceremony and stomped away.

So, the article quoted above obviously doesn't have key details, like if the refs really did make a bad call that cost this guy his silver (or gold) medal and I didn't see this event myself. It's all together possible. But why do Olympians often think you're a "loser" if you don't get gold? What happened to "I won the silver!" or "I won the bronze!"

I seriously think it's because there's so much pressure to be the best of the best. But here's how I look at it. I would be seriously jazzed just to participate in the games. Just to have the opportunity to go would rule. Would I dream of medaling? Sure, who wouldn't? But being able to compete would be an honor in and of itself, to represent your country.

If I happened to medal in something, regardless of the medal's color, I'd be all, "Holy crap, I'm on the freakin' podium!" And you'd have something to take home, to prove you have an Olympic medal, even if it is "only" the bronze.

Be thankful you got one at all! Why so darned ungrateful? It's such bad sportsmanship, and proves these people are sore losers. "Dang, Bob, better let Jack win that hand of Poker. You remember what he did when he didn't win gold at the Olympics!"

I've got to wonder about these people. Not every Olympian is going to be the best of the best. Many factors determine who gets the gold, sometimes by fractions of a second. On any other day, YOU might have won instead of someone else. But winning silver or bronze shouldn't be a shameful thing. They give out THREE medals at every event, not just one, folks. It's time the Olympians learned that lesson.

Like I tell my kids... You get what you get and be thankful.

Seriously, you're at the Olympics. You won a medal. Get over your Olympic-sized ego and accept the darn thing.



At 8:14 PM , Blogger Christopher said...

Sometimes it's not about being ungrateful or unsportsmanlike. The Olympics can be a very nationalistic competition, and these athletes want to bring home the gold for national pride. It's not what I'd call a good thing, but I think when they get the silver, some of them feel that they've shamed their country and they are humiliated about it.

I think that guy who threw his medal away was irate because of a referee call. I skimmed an article about it and can't recall the specifics, but it seemed that he felt the ref made a biased call.

At 9:07 PM , Blogger Becka said...

Well, regardless of the circumstances that got him the bronze instead of whatever color medal he "might" have received, the guy in question has been stripped of his medal by the IOC and kicked out of the Games.



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