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Friday, July 25, 2008

Okay, So I Was Off By A Week...

Yeah, I'm not 15 weeks pregnant like I thought, I'm 16 weeks. Saw the doctor today and she corrected my error. I had thought I was a week farther along, but the first time I saw her, she said I was measuring at 11 weeks when I thought I was at 12. So, I naturally thought I must have been a week earlier than I'd thought. Seems I was right all along.

Baby is measuring 15 cm above the pelvis bone and all is looking normal. She gave me a sonogram because her doppler for hearing the heartbeat was broken. Unfortunately, the sonogram thingy they have in their office isn't as "sensitive" or as "detailed" as the big fancy ultrasound machine at the hospital. Therefore, I have to wait until my U/S appt at 19 weeks, on August 18th, to find out the gender. Kinda sad I gotta wait three more weeks, but hey, three weeks isn't that long in the grand scheme of things.

Saw the baby kicking and squirming in there. Literally, just one foot...kick...kick...kick. And it was rolling around like it was practicing the "stop, drop and roll" we all learned as kids. Too funny!

When she measured my belly and did the sonogram, it actually was kind of painful, probably because she was pressing down a bit. For whatever reason, when I lay on my back and press down firmly on my belly, it hurts. Who knew? :P

Anyways, Baby Goings is doing just fine with a nice, strong heartbeat. Four more weeks, and I'll be halfway through this pregnancy! Yeehaw!



At 12:38 PM , Anonymous Jiffer said... sounds like baby Goings is fighting off Ninja's too!!! =) Glad to hear all is moving right along! Can't wait for baby to get here!

At 8:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog~ found a link from the cnn site on the sasquach article ;-) I'm in oregon too- down the road in Salem. I think I've found a new blog to follow! thanks ;-)


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