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Friday, February 08, 2008

Becka's Hottie of the Week

Nothing gets the spirits up like a good-looking man, eh? :) Here is this week's hottie, a man I'm actually shocked I don't know more about. He's in the movie ATONEMENT, which was actually pretty good. I've seen him in a few other things, but I'm thinking this current movie will make him into someone you really need to look out for. Who am I talking about? Mr. James McAvoy.

This man has said in an interview that he's not "leading man" material. Uhm... Have you LOOKED in a mirror, my good man? Heheh. Sure, you might not be *ripped* or *rugged*, but you *are* very handsome.

However, I think your modesty is very sexy in and of itself. There's nothing worse than a hottie who KNOWS he's hot, because then he thinks he's God's gift, you know? But you, I think you're more down to Earth. A guy someone could have a good conversation with, without the conversation always coming back to you. lol

You guys might also remember him as Mr. Tumnus of Chronicles of Narnia fame. Yes, I was lusting after a faun. :P The hairy legs and bulbous nose didn't turn me off one little bit. But I'm sure that's due in part because I write books about shapeshifters. LOL

Don't sell yourself short, James. You're a fine looking man, according to me, anyway. Sure, you have a boyish charm about you, but that only inhances your sexiness when you flash your bright, beaming smile. Therefore, Mr. McAvoy, congratulations. You're Becka's Hottie of the Week!



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