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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today's Doctor's Appointment Brought to You By....

...Metformin! Yes, my new doctor changed my medication from the Glyburide, which wasn't a very strong medication, apparently, or at least one that's compatible when you're pregnant. Since I'm no longer pregnant, he prescribed the Metformin, that I have to take with dinner. I'm also on "baby aspirin". I'd never heard of such a thing, but they make low-dose aspirin and call it "baby aspirin". He wanted me on that for general heart health, due to my family history. Gotta thank the ol' wizz in the gene pool, if you catch my drift.

So, because my eyesight goes all blurrified at times when I'm on the computer or reading a book, he wants me to see an eye doctor. Also, I have to get my blood drawn for a hemoglobin test, something they do every month for three months, I guess. I didn't quite understand what the hemoglobin test tells them, but hey, I just follow orders.

Also, he's sending me to a diabetes class, so I don't have to learn all about my condition from "Diabetics for Dummies". :P I literally have that book, and that's literally what he said to me. "I'm sending you to class so you don't have to learn about it from 'Diabetics for Dummies.'" LOL

I only need to test my blood sugar twice a day now, once in the morning for my fasting blood sugar, and once in the evening, before bedtime, at least two hours after I eat dinner.

He mentioned that my numbers are doing well, and it's mostly the fasting blood sugar that needs to come under control, but that if I continue with my diet and exercise and lose weight, it's all together possible that diet and exercise is all I'll need to keep it under control, and I could come off the medication. Since I've lost 10 pounds since the start of this thing, I think I can keep up with that. Just need to get that exercise in whenever I can. Now the dietitian mentioned exercising every day, but the doc recommended 3 to 4 times a week, doing something aerobic for about 30 minutes, to get your heart rate pumping and break a sweat, so fast walking, doing time on a stationary bike, aerobics in general... All very good options. DH and I have a stationary bike, so I'm sure I'll be using it. I have noticed that whenever I do get some exercise, my blood sugar is much lower than usual, so it does work.

He checked my feet, and my reflexes were good. I could also feel the little buzzing thingy he put on my toes. Sometimes if your feet go numb, you can't feel the buzzing. Which is all good, since my "Dummies" book mentions that over half the people who get their feet amputated are diabetics.

Dang, I really should stop reading that book, eh? :P

So now, I've gone from little tiny pill at night to this gigantic HORSE pill I gotta take with dinner. For whatever reason, I cannot consume alcohol whilst taking this medication. Perhaps I will turn into a pumpkin, I don't know. Side effects include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Oh happy day.



At 3:06 PM , Blogger LisaBisa said...

hey Becks, I'm on metformin for my PCOS.

The first couple weeks I had 'tummy issues' and my appetite went waaaaaay down.

Things do even out though. My tummy issues are totally gone.

I'm on 3 diff. meds, I can't drink alcohol either. Kind of a bummer...but worth it for me. Esp. since 1 tablespoon of champagne at Christmas gave me an 8 hour headache.

Good luck! and good for you losing ten lbs!

At 8:30 PM , Blogger Becka said...

I just saw my OB today for a follow-up on the miscarriage--everything looks fine as far as that goes. But she did mention Metformin is used for PCOS. Funny how different conditions use the same medication. :)

The cool thing is, my OB told me I'd lost *12* pounds since I'd first visited them. :D YAY! Considering I first visited them a month ago, that's a pretty good weight loss. Of course, I've only been on my diabetic diet - or I should say life plan, because it's not a "diet". I'll never go off this - for about 2 1/2 weeks or so.

I think it's "so much" because my system went into a kind of shock. I doubt I'll be dropping pounds left and right as time goes on. But who knows? If I continue to exercise regularly, eating what I'm supposed to in portion-controlled sizes, then perhaps I will.

The doc, the Internist, not the OB, asked me about my sister, if she had diabetes. I told him no, because she's very thin, exercises and eats well. She didn't used to be, however. She takes my dad to all his diabetes classes and whatnot, and I think all that info kind of "scared" her into doing the right thing.

She bought a treadmill and ditched fatty foods. She still eats good food, however. I actually don't think she's been in better health. She was thin in high school and college, then put on a little weight, but she's never been so on track with it before. Good for her, I say! :)

I want to do the same. Perhaps use my sis as a roll-model. She'd be flattered. Heheh


At 4:09 AM , Blogger LisaBisa said...

actually, with PCOS comes insulin resistance. So the Metformin is a logical choice. If I don't get the insulin resistance issues under control I'll have a much higher chance of developing diabetes. (50%)

I've been using the treadmill at the gym, I highly recommend getting one if you can. I put an audio book on my mp3 player and I can go for an hour no problem. Music doesn't work for me...books are the only way to go :)

You're doing such a great job though, keep doing what you're doing :)

At 7:39 AM , Blogger Becka said...

I would *love* to get a treadmill. I'd probably use it more than the stationary bike. I do like to walk, but there's no great places to walk in my neighborhood unless I want to drive somewhere and *then* walk. :P

The city will be installing sidewalks in my neighborhood this year, but right now, you're just walking on people's lawns and that ain't right. And the main cross street here is a fairly busy one, so you don't want to be walking on the road.

I'll have to look into that. :)



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