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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Our Kitty Casper

Well, we haven't taken pictures of our new cat just yet, but on a whim, I went to the animal shelter's webpage and found they still had a photo of him online.

Isn't he precious? He's all white, no other color on him, and his eyes are a light green, the color of jade.

He's finally becoming one of our family. Our other kitty, Ninja, is tolerating him now, no longer hissing or batting at him. You can tell he wants to be friends with her so badly! She wants to be friends as well, but is still unsure what to make of him. Casper doesn't like the dog, either, but all the dog wants to do is provoke him into playing chase.

One thing's for sure, Casper is a vocal little guy. Well, actually, he's a big cat, you can't really tell from the picture, but I've never had a cat who talked so much. You think he wants something, but no, he's just saying hi or what's going on... In fact, I think he talks a lot to get his lovies. He's one of those cats who stands on his hind legs to rub into your hand, he's so cute. :P

He was afraid of the staircase the first couple of days, but now, he's going up and down them no problem. And thank goodness he's using the litter box (gods be praised!). LOL We thought he might want to spray, but I don't think he has. He's been fixed, after all, and I believe boy cats lose interest in spraying after neutering. I could be way off, tho.

I still don't feed the cats together, because Ninja is a bully and I have no doubt she'd push him out of the way to eat his bowl, tubby that she is. So I feed Casper on the high shelf in our laundry room, a shelf I know our other kitty has no hope of jumping on. lol But Casper, man, he just sails on up, like he can fly or something. It's probably because he's so lithe and athletic, a far cry from our other tardo cat. :P

Hope you enjoy the pic!



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