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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I Won a Gather Writing Prompt

Heh, nothing to write home about, but I thought I would blog about this. LOL I won a writing prompt (along with two other "contestants") on . Totally unofficial, held by just a member to flex your writing muscle. I hadn't actually done a writing prompt in forever and a day, but since two successful novellas of mine were borne of writing prompts of Christmas past (ON EAGLE'S WINGS & UNDERNEATH THE MISTLETOE), I thought I would give it a shot. There's nothing "special" for the win, just fortune and glory. *g*

Here's my winning entry. The prompt was 200 words MAX, the subject was "Tears & Yellow Cake". The sky was the limit in theme, so of course, I did historical western. :P


"It's the least I can do, Nate." Marybeth placed a thick slice of yellow cake on the table in front of the handsome Texas Ranger.

"It was nothin' ma'am," he drawled, taking a bite. "Any man woulda done the same. Wasn't about to leave a pretty little thing like you on the side of the road after bein' thrown by her horse."

Marybeth blushed hotly at the memory of his hands as he'd examined her body shortly thereafter, making sure nothing was broken. After all the tears she'd cried when her husband left, Marybeth never thought she'd feel this way about a man again. Nate's blue eyes twinkled at her as he finished his cake. His mouth lifted into an alluring grin as the silence stretched on.

"I…I just don't know how to ride very well, is all," she said past the lump in her throat.

"Need some lessons, sugar?" Nate stood and winked. His tone made her wonder if he was still talking about horses.


Nate dusted off his hat and plopped it on her head. "Return it. Tomorrow night, eight p.m. You know the Goldrush Inn?"


His smile stopped her heart. "I'll be there."


I only felt slightly guilty entering the prompt at all amongst unpublished authors. :P But it was fun to just write a small scene with no story surrounding it.



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