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Thursday, August 30, 2007

FAME! I'm gonna live forever...

...I'm gonna learn how to fly *high*!


I got my first taste of pseudo-fame today on the telephone. To tell this story, I've got to go back to the beginning. A few months ago, I had quite the spread in our local newspaper, the Hillsboro Argus. Just about a week ago, I had another article printed up, a press release on THE WOLVERINE AND THE ROSE's debut in bookstores nationwide.

Now that you know the backdrop, our story can begin.

I got a random email out of the blue from a fan who happens to live in my town. She told me that both of my local libraries carry my books. One of my friends then decided to confirm that story by going to the library and checking things out for herself. And in so doing, she checked out ON EAGLE'S WINGS. (Thank you Megan!) :P

Now, I never once contacted these libraries myself as some local authors do to beg, plead, and otherwise cajole them to carrying their books. In fact, I have an author friend who donated her books to the library, only to see them a few weeks later on *sale* on their $2 used book rack. OUCH. Guess they didn't like her book THAT much... *shudder*

Anyhow, so I'm thinking to myself that I should give the library(ies) a call and see if it's okay for me to come in and sign their books. My friend Megan said they had an "Oregon Author" sticker on them--perhaps having a signature as well wouldn't suck. I remember being a kid and living in Carson City, NV, fawning over the autographed copies of David Eddings' books on the shelves. (He writes fantasy). His biography in those books said he lived "out west" or something, but I highly suspect Mr. Eddings lives/lived in or around the CCNV area. **Ooo, hey, I was right! According to Mr. Eddings' Wikipedia page, he DOES live in CCNV! Damn! I should have looked him up in the phone book... If you're reading, Mr. Eddings, please note that THE WOLVERINE AND THE FLAME was dedicated to you in part, for kindling my love of fantasy when I was but a wee lass.... **ahem** Sorry, folks, where was I? I'm still reeling from having it confirmed that the man I adored reading as a child actually lived in the same town I did back in the day...

So anyhow, I'm on the phone with the Main Hillsboro Library, and I get transferred to the Head Reference Librarian who seems genuinely excited to talk to a local author. He asks my name.

"Rebecca Goings," I say.

"Oh, you're that gal in the paper! The one who writes fantasy?"


"Uh, yeah. Yeah! That's me!" Becka sheilds the receiver with her hand and squeals while jumping around the room like a madwoman.

"Someone told me just the other day to call you and see if you wanted to come in to do a presentation in our meeting hall--I don't know if you do that kind of thing, but maybe we could set something up and maybe, you know, sell some books." The Head Librarian waits patiently while Becka breathes into a paper sack.

"A presentation?" I say, once I pick myself off the floor. "Sure. I can definately do that. Sure. Definately." Dear God, do I sound like Rainman?!? "I'd love to come in and speak at your library." Head rush. HEAD RUSH!! Becka's temples are pounding from the excess of blood pooling in her flaming cheeks.

"Great!" the Head Librarian says with a smile in his voice. "Let's get together next Wednesday. You can sign our books and we'll discuss the presentation at length then."

In trepidation, I ask, "You don't mind if I bring my FOUR kids, do you? I've got quite the brood, but they're good kids." Think he believes that?

"Oh, no problem! We'll meet in our youth section and they can have fun."

I love this guy.

"Wonderful! See you then!"


**Becka faints**then wakes up to email all her friends**


Okay, so what have we learned? We've learned that A.) press releases can and DO work to get your name in front of important people. B.) Librarians DO pay attention to these kinds of things, looking for local authors to support. C.) If you ever do a press release, bring it to your library's attention so you can give a talk and have a sweet booksigning afterwards.

Advantages of a library booksigning over one at a bookstore:

* You give an actual talk, so all eyes are on you.

* Members of the community are there to see you specifically, so you're the star of the show.

* Did I mention you're in the spotlight? No hoping and praying people will stop at your table instead of giving you dirty looks or asking you if you know where the bathroom is.

* After your soul-stirring lecture about the joys of publishing, those in attendance can come and take a look at your books.

* You've left a much bigger mark on these people's psyches than you did at the bookstore, and they'll remember you on your next book's release.

Now, the big question is this. Do you think they'll give me a library card while I'm there?


...FAME! I'm gonna live forever, baby remember my name...Remember...Remember...



At 5:52 AM , Blogger Jennifer McK said...

OMG!!!!!! THAT IS FANTASTIC!!! I am sooooooo thrilled for you.
I'm so going to follow you around now and figure out how you did it all.
Your own personal sqeeing fan girl. Ask Dayna. She likes having one. LOL.

At 5:52 AM , Blogger Shelby said...

I LOVE IT!! That's exciting.. I think I'd be jumping around squealing too.

take care and happy day today :)

At 9:01 AM , Blogger Becka said...


I don't mind in the least if you wanna be a fangirl... I don't have enough of 'em. :P Dayna's a sweetheart. Love her to death. I WANNA READ HER DANG BOOK!! Just haven't had the time.


Thanks, hon! Now I've actually got to get my dang hair done. (Been putting it off for waaay too long. :P) And ACK, I've actually gotta wear make-up... **whine**



At 11:43 AM , Blogger Jennifer McK said...

LOL Becka! You own make up? Wow! I don't. I'll have to look into that. Can I write it off as a business expense?
You can NEVER have enough squeeing fan girls.

At 12:51 PM , Blogger Becka said...

:P Jenn, the make-up I own is oolldd, you know, the kind "they" tell you to throw away after three months?

I'm like, "Ain't no way I'm throwing this away after 3 months! Do they know how much I PAID for this??"




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