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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bookmark Bonanza

Okay folks, I have a fun idea. I just recently got some lovely bookmarks. I gave two to a real life friend of mine, who said she'd leave the second one on the table in the break room at her work, since she'd seen a few co-workers reading romance.

Here's the deal.

I'll send you two bookmarks, signed of course. (I'll send you more if you request more). One bookmark you can keep for yourself. The other bookmark, I ask you give away to someone.
Family, friends, coworkers, or like my friend above, quietly leave it somewhere in plain sight at your work, church, school, the kids' Karate class... :)

Let's all help spread the Becka Verse. It's my "price" for you to get a nifty signed bookmark.

If you want some, please send me your snail mail addy via email to Unless otherwise specified, I will only send you TWO bookmarks. However, I'm more than happy to send you more if you have more than one person (or places) you could give (or leave) them to (or at). :) Just let me know how many you want.

They don't have tassles, they're just flat bookmarks. But I've been taking down a few lessons I've learned when us Browncoats were promoting the TV show Firefly by what's called "Guerilla Marketing". You make the product (or author in this case) more prominent and more in the public eye than they would be normally. Move that particular author's books so their cover is facing out in the book case, for example. Or giving away (or leaving) these bookmarks in random places where they'll be seen.

Who's with me?? :P



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