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Monday, January 15, 2007

Oh My Gawd, I have an iPod!

Okay, so perhaps I'm one of the few who's the last to jump on the iPod bandwagon. DH got one a while back and he LOVES his. I've only recently been struck by iPod envy. Every time we hop in the car to go somewhere, out comes the iPod and we're raring to go with thousands of songs at his fingertips.

Granted, I only listen to my certain music and I've been fine with that for many years. But lately, I realized how much I really HATE digging around for that random CD in the van. Or trying to find that darn CD I know is around the house somewhere because I gotta listen to that ONE SONG!!!

"If I only had an iPod," I said one day and DH looks at me all funny. "You'd never use it," he says. "Oh, no!" I vow. "If I had an iPod, I wouldn't have to rummage for that one CD, I could have ALL of my special music at my fingertips."

So DH calls me today from work saying, "Do you really want one?" He happened to be passing the store in the mall when he called, and I'm like "Oooo... iPod goodness! Heck yeah!"

(Actually, I said, "If you can get a good price..." LOL I rarely want to spend money on myself, but that's neither here nor there.)

One of DH's co-workers is in the military, and he was able to get a 10% off discount. How sweet is that?!?!? So now here I am, loading up my iPod with all my music and happy as a clam. I never thought I would ever want one of these things, thinking CD's would do me just fine. But I have this massive library of songs on my computer... Why not have it handy in the car as well?

Woohoo! Now I just gotta buy a skin for this darn thing before it scratches all to hell!

Yay! :P

(Who has the shiny black iPod pictured above)


At 12:23 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

very cool!!

How many cd's can you fit on it?

At 12:37 PM , Blogger Becka said...

Well, I added 650 songs on it today, and the little "full" meter isn't even half-way to a quarter full. So it can literally hold thousands of songs.

DH knew I wouldn't be downloading a bajillion songs, so he "only" got me the 30 gig iPod. ("only" **snicker**) That's one of the lower-end ones for memory, if you can believe that. But mine does video, too, so I can download episodes of TV shows and watch them either during long car trips, airplane rides, or heck, even karate class. LOL

AND, I can use it as a hard-drive as well, downloading my manuscripts and take them with me if I go on vacation. Too fricken' cool.



At 1:41 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

holy cow.

And, I thought my 1 gig jellybean was cool!

hmm...maybe I need to price out this ipod thing :)


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