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Friday, November 17, 2006

The Office

Anyone who wants to know what my sense of humor is like should watch The Office, both the British version and the American version. This show started off as a British show on the BBC, which DH and I watched until the show was cancelled.

Ricky Gervais, pictured in the back, is a comic genius. Dear God, anything that man puts out has me running to the bathroom lest I pee my pants. And that is no different with the American version of the show. It's in it's third season, and The Office here in the States is only getting better. The acting is superb and doesn't seem forced at all. It's "uncomfortable" comedy that only gets better the more you know the characters. Dwight is definately one of my favorites (pictured below on the left) because he's so extreme. And of course, how could you forget the pseudo-office-romance between Pam and Jim? :P *OR* the totally awesome practical jokes they play on Dwight? Stapler in the Jello anyone? LOL How about the "Gay-dar?" Wheee!

Seriously, folks, I've never laughed so damn hard at a TV series before. And anyone who knows me, knows that when I laugh, I laugh LOUD. LOL Ricky Gervais actually produces the American show, which is probably why it's such a great show. Just thinking about it makes me chuckle. I was laughing hard last night because DH and I watched a bunch of them we'd recorded. I was even laughing long after we'd gone to bed. DH asks me, "What's so funny?"

I reply, "Three hundred sixty-four days until the next Pretzel Day."





At 10:07 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

I love this show!!

Its one of my absolute favorites.

We don't have time to watch everything during the week, so Friday night is the night we watch all the comedies.

My hubby insists on watching them in order, so I have to wait for The Office till the very end...its very frustrating. :)

At 12:03 AM , Blogger Becka said...

Ah... but you save the best for last. :P

Don't get me wrong, I've laughed at other shows before, even consistently. But there's just something about The Office that makes me crack up, even hours later. I think it's all those looks the characters give to the TV crew.

I mean seriously, if someone where shooting a real documentary, they would have been gone from that place a long time ago. :P It doesn't take THREE SEASONS to shoot a documentary. LOL But the fact that the cameras are *still* there after all this time and the characters know about them and look into them is so corny that it works. I love it.


At 5:51 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

Thats what he says about saving the best for last...but you know me. I would much rather have immediate gratification. :)

The only reason I really mind is because Friday is also Family movie night, so we end up watching our shows till 1 or 2 am. :)


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