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Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's That Time Again.

What do:


Little Red Riding Hood



Have in common?

That's right. This is the Goings kids line up for Halloween. Hannah is Belle, Miriam is Tinkerbell, Simone is Little Red, and Levi is Batman. I'll take pictures of the big event and post them. :P It'll be great.

Unfortunately, we moved into a neighborhood that doesn't really celebrate Halloween. There *is* the random house here and there that has their porch light on, but I'm not going to walk all over creation just for a few candy bars!!! I wanna just walk around the block and be done. LOL (I'm old. hehe) Therefore, we're going to be trick-or-treating in our friends' neighborhood which just happens to be right across the main drag from our street. Kids galore. It'll be great.

There are kids galore in our tract too, but they're hispanic, and no offense to the hispanic community, but I guess they don't celebrate Halloween. We only had ONE trick-or-treater last year, and I had stocked up on candy. So my kids got double dose of candy last year. It was a bummer, because my DH really enjoys creating his pumpkin masterpieces. But if no one is going to be around to enjoy them, we aren't going to do them any more. :(

Here are some of DH's creations from yesteryear....

Superman & Captain Jack Sparrow

Flounder & Ariel

These look fricken' AWESOME from the street. But no pumpkins for the Goings's this year. Awww.... Damn Halloween-Scrooges we live next to. LOL



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