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Sunday, November 12, 2006

What's your 4400 Ability?

So DH and I are watching a really great show (we're Netflixing it, actually) called The 4400. Ultimately, it will probably get cancelled as all good TV shows do, but for now, it's still on the air. :) We're in the middle of season 2 so far.

I've taken the "4400 test" from the website, and I'm a Big Hearted Healer (echo echo), just like Shawn Farrell from the show. Click on Shawn to check it out. :D (Isn't he a hottie?? Whew, I knew there was a reason I LOVED this show... heheheh)

The basic premise of The 4400 is this: 4400 people are abducted in a bright flash of light over the span of 50 or so years. Then suddenly, they are ALL mysteriously return over the Pacific Northwest in a BIG white ball of light with strange abilities. Those who were taken in the 1940's are having trouble adjusting to present day, because NONE of them remember what happened to them, and it seems as if no time at all has passed. Now these abilities range from healing (as stated above), destruction, psychic, genetic, super-intelligence, etc...

Over the course of the show, you find out more and more about who abducted them and why, but it's a great little show and DH and I enjoy it a lot.

It apparently airs on the USA network (thank the TV gods it's NOT on Fox, or it would be cancelled for sure... Thank goodness "House" is still on the air... **knocks on wood** >>see Browncoat post below for details on the hated Fox network. LOL<<)

Anyhow, take the 10 question 4400 test and post here in the comments what YOUR 4400 ability is. Should be fun. And try to catch the show if you can. It really is a great show, and I wouldn't steer you wrong. :P I think.



At 3:23 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

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At 3:24 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

LOL I guess I would be mind control master.

I do not get it. :)

I caught it last night, the show was really good. Now I have to figure out how to get the previous seasons. :)

At 3:32 PM , Blogger Becka said...

Ooo mind control! You'd be able to get people to do what you wanted! A master manipulator! LOL

There are some people on the show who you wonder just what their power is, because it hasn't manifested itself yet. There are regulars to the show who are from the 4400 who were abducted, and each show is about a random "4400" who does XYZ for that week's plot. :)



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