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Monday, October 16, 2006

World's Best Trash Guy

We all know the feeling. You're lying in bed all cozy and warm, maybe even spooning with DH. Then you hear it. The dreaded trash truck. And you think to yourself $#!%! I didn't put the trash out!!! You mentally begin calculating whether or not you can beat the trash guy and have enough time to grab a robe and run out to the curb to put your bin on the street.

Then you begin to wonder if it's even worth it, since you are so warm and cozy after all. So you ponder whether or not your trash bin will be able to hold another week's worth of trash. If not, you start making plans to instead call the trash company after you wake up and pay the $15 fee for them to make a special trip out to YOUR house.

Well, let me tell ya. I have the world's best trash guy. Why?

On more than one occasion, I've forgotton to put my trash out on the street. And on all of these occasions, this sweet guy has taken the time to get out of his truck and position the bin for the mechanical arm that grabs it and dumps it into the truck. See, DH and I keep our bin near the street. Probably about two yards away, so literally, we only have to roll it a few feet in order for it to be on the street ready for the trash guy. But in today's day and age, when people are rushing from one place to another to keep on schedule and screw the guy who "forgot" to do what they were supposed to, it's refreshing to wake up after the trash guy is gone and realize, he took your trash after all.

So thank you, Mr. Trash Guy, wherever you may be. The world needs more people who will go the extra mile, even if they're only collecting someone's trash.



At 3:45 PM , Blogger Becka said...

So I called the trash company to compliment the driver today. I thought about doing it yesterday but didn't. My DH said I totally should. So I got on the horn and told the lady who answered the phone.

At first, she was kind of silent, like "we never get compliments at the trash company". LOL But after a few minutes of explaining the situation, she said he was a really great driver and that she'd pass on the message to him. :) She seemed kind of shocked, but pleasantly surprised that a customer would call to compliment.

She probably only gets complaints. LOL


At 5:35 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

Good for you! More people should take time out of their day to be nice to others. :)


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