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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Michael W. Smith, My Birthday, & My New Website

My birthday was October 9th. Last Monday. I had a great day. I got to see one of my favorite Christian singers of all time, Michael W. Smith in concert:

Yes, the man is like 50 years old and he's a HOTTIE. Wow. He's married and has four kids, and I've been listening to his music for 18 years. He has hits such as Emily, Old Enough to Know, Friends, Go West Young Man, Place in This World, Give it Away, Healing Rain, I Will Be Here For You, Pray For Me, Rockettown . . . And the list goes on.

Well, he gave an acoustic concert that was just him and two other people on stage with him. NO opening acts at all. That was sweet. All concerts should be like that. :P He was promoting his new album, STAND, which comes out on November 7th, and of course, I preordered my copy. He didn't do autographs after the show, but that's all right because I was so tired and wanted to go home. Hey, I just got a year older... Old age is creeping up on me. :P

Also on October 9th, my new website was launched. So if you haven't seen it yet, then go to and check it out. I still have my blog, under the BLOG heading, but my website is redesigned with blurbs and excerpts and linkies to all the movies I've made. :D So go check that out!

I got a huge toaster oven for my birthday from DH, it fits a 12 inch pizza. :-0 It's epic. I love it. Looks like a microwave. I also got a food processor. Yay, salsa! Yay guacamole! No more "fudging it" in the darn blender like a bunch of dweebs! LOL (If you understand and recognize that word, then you're a fogie like me. heheh)

I've been scarce this past week because I've been holding a birthday bash for myself on my author loop, The Magic of Romance. It's over now, seen as how it's the end of the week, but we had a lot of fun posting excerpts and giving away prizes. It wasn't just me, but my fellow authors as well all partying together. :D Even some of my heroes and villains came out to play! It was great.

Anyhow, I'm takin' off for now. I'll try to post more in the week ahead. :D Problem is, I'm so dang BORING. LOL



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