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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Nothing to Blog About

That's right, folks, I have absolutely nothing to blog about. That's how boring my life is. :P Nothing much has been going on with me. Well, there's a little something. Hehe But nothing too wonderful.

So I went to the store today with my gaggle of kidlets. And my kids are good kids. There's just a LOT of them. ;P I've got one in the seat of the cart, one IN the cart, and two walking beside me. This is the "ughe" (Becka's slang for the word "usual". The "ughe"). Anyhow, I'm wandering through the store in the chip and soda aisle, and there's this *handsome* man coming my way. I'd say he's probably older than me by about 3 to 5 years.

My kids are literally dancing behind me, like ballroom dancing. :P They watch entirely too many Disney movies. So, I turn around and casually tell them to move over, and of course, my kids, being the angels that they are, complied.

This man looked at me like he was impressed that I had such a handle on my kids. He gave me an appreciative grin, which I of course, answered in kind. No words were spoken, but I had butterflies regardless. It's nice to be noticed by a handsome man every now and again. Every blue moon. Oh who the hell am I kidding? Once a millenia.

But hey, he was probably married too, right? It was still nice making eye contact and smiling, knowing by his look alone that he was impressed by my well-behaved children. That made my day. That and he was HOT!!!


That's it for today. Carry on. Perhaps something interesting will have happened by tomorrow. :P



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