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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Going to the Lab Tomorrow...

Yup, I'm going to the lab tomorrow at the hospital. Why? To have a 3 hour blood test. GACK!

You see, since I'm preggers and all, and since BOTH my parents have diabetes, the doc decided to give me a glucose test, to see if I have gestational diabetes. Well, my test came back slightly elevated, therefore they want me to waste an entire morning of my life in the lab to get sticked every hour on the hour to draw blood.

And not only that, I've gotta fast for 12 hours. Nothing to eat after 8pm this evening, and nothing to eat in the morning until after the test. From 8am to 11am, I'm going to be sitting in the lab's waiting room with nothing but a book and the CNN channel. Happy happy joy joy.

Let's hope I don't have the "D word". It's scary enough to think my chances of getting diabetes in the first place is around 70%. Add on the fact I'm pregnant & overweight, and it could flare up. Good news is, I've never had it with any of my previous 4 children. Perhaps that will work in my favor.

I won't get the test results back, probably until next week sometime (I'm seeing the doc on Wed. for another ultrasound - hopefully the baby won't be camera shy this time around...), so I'll keep you posted.

If I do have it, I'm going to cry into an entire box of Kleenex, wonder what the f*&k I can eat from now on, and pretty much freak out in general. Oh, and then I'm going to call both my parents and thank them from the bottom of my heart with as much sarcasm as I can muster.

Let's hope there's nothing going on.

**crossing fingers**toes**arms**legs**eyes...



At 3:00 PM , Anonymous Lisa said...

Good luck!

Just so you know, it's pretty common to have elevated on the 1 hour test and come back A-OK on the 3 hour.

At 11:14 AM , Blogger Becka said...

Thanks, Lisa. So I got stuck 4 times yesterday, twice in each arm. They took my blood when I got there, then made me drink the glucose drink. Took my blood an hour later, and every hour thereafter.

Didn't seem like such a big deal yesterday, but now, both my arms are now all bruised and a little tender. Good thing I'm not queasy with needles, man.

The nice thing was, those ladies do nothing but draw blood all day long, so they were very good at it. Not much pain at all.

I should know results by Monday, that is, if my doc calls me. But they've called me regarding test results before, so I think they will. :) I hope. Heh.


At 10:09 AM , Blogger Diane Craver said...

Congrats to you and your husband! That's wonderful news you're pregnant. The same thing happened to me and had to go thru the testing for diabetes with our 6th child. I wasn't and hope you get good news on Monday!

Take care.

At 2:25 PM , Blogger Donica Covey said...

Good luck Becka! OH! By the By--You've been tagged. Check out my blog for information!

Huggles Babe!


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