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Friday, January 18, 2008

Becka's Hottie of the Week - Classic

This week's hottie came about by necessity. You see, DH and I are raising our children to be Uber Geeks (echo echo). They know all about Star Wars, Stargate (SG-1 *and* Atlantis), LoTR, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Indiana Jones, Heroes, Lost, Red Dwarf, Spiderman, Superman, and many other movies and/or TV shows I forgot to mention.

But one faux pas stood out to us like a big-ass sore thumb just the other day. In fact, this thumb is *so* sore, you might say we've failed in our endeavor to make our children the geeks of our hearts. It almost made us tear up, the problem was SO major. Where had we gone wrong? How could we do this to our kids?



After DH peeled me off the floor (as soon as he awoke from fainting), we shook our heads and wondered how the OBVIOUS STAR TREK had somehow sneaked under our radar. I mean, holy crap. That's like the Gospel of the Geeky. The Textbook of Dorks. The Holy Grail, the Mother Lode. Criminy!

In an effort to remedy the glaring, gaping hole in our geekhood (and to try and keep our Geek Cards from being revoked), we have acquired every single episode of Star Trek there is, from Old Gen to Next Gen to DS-9 to Voyager... Heck, I even think the craptastic "Enterprise" is in there as well, with Scott Bakula. There's something like 760-some-odd episodes in ALL, and we've just recently started them. I think we're literally on show #4. :P It will take a while, but by Gawd, we WILL educate our children in the Star Trek canon. A true geek cannot do otherwise. Besides, it's not like there's ANYTHING ELSE to watch on TV nowadays.

And so, in honor of watching the original Star Treks from the beginning, I have chosen the young William Shatner as this week's hottie.

It's funny, we're not too many shows into our self-imposed geek-fest, and I've already gotta say, every episode (so far) has some scene with Kirk and either his shirt ripped or off entirely. LOL We're going to try and see if it happens in every episode. Heheh... Can't say I'm complaining. Mr. Shatner was a hunkaburninluv back in the day.

Heh, is it me, or is that picture a *mite* suggestive? "Hey baby, look at my huge particle accelorator..."

I'm still in shock the moment my kids asked, "Who's Captain Kirk?" Gah, I thought we'd done a better job than that! I thought they'd seen the movies at least, the two best, the two we own, Wrath of Khan (II) and The Voyage Home (IV). Our kids recognized Mr. Sulu from his role in Heroes. :P Should have been the other way around, dammit!

*SIGH* Ah well. We Goings apologize to the Geeky Community at large for this EPIC snafu. We hope you vote to keep our Geek Cards intact, and perhaps this Hottie feature will go a little ways in swaying your decision. :P

Congratulations, William Shatner. You're Becka's Hottie of the Week - Classic!



At 8:36 PM , Anonymous Lisa said...

wow...just wow.


At 3:08 PM , Anonymous Susan Kelley said...

Who's Captain Kirk? Didn't you love the Stargate Atlantis episode where Mckay accused Shepherd of being Captain Kirk. And then the alien did love Shepherd. It was such a great line and to think there are young people out there who never got the joke. For shame.
At least you're making it right at your house, Becka.


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