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Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm Back and Better Than Ever!

Yes, I'm back from my camping trip and I've chosen a winner!

Congratulations to PAT S. for her winning entry into my impromptu camping story contest! (Please see comments on the "Camping is In-Tents" post). Her entry was about a BEAR that SAT on her SISTER in their TENT. ACK! That still gives me the heebeejeebees... LOL All I could envision was my own family and our "National Lampoon's Camping Vacation" antics. :P My kids woulda been screaming, I would have been freaking out, DH stumbling over the air mattress, our dog trying to save the day...

Mass chaos, folks. :P Therefore, that entry deserved the win. LOL

Pat S., please email me at for your ecopy of my book PROMISE ME FOREVER. Congrats again!

I had a BLAST camping, and I'll be back soon with stories and pics once my DH posts them so I can steal them. Heheheh...




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