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Monday, May 07, 2007

First Batch of Disney World Pics

So here's some Disney World pics I thought you might enjoy. These were taken with my hubby's fancy new camera, his Pentax 10 something-or-other. He has a telephoto lens for it that took some excellent photos of Capt. Jack Sparrow as you will see down the line. We were a ways away from Capt. Jack when he began his little "street show", and let me tell you, this guy was spot on for imitating Johnny Depp. It was a little scary how well he did... :P

First up, a picture of me. Sorry, I never bought mouse ears for myself, but I did get a hat which I'm sure you'll see pictures of in the future. This is our first day at the Magic Kingdom. Here is Becka in her bowling shirt (which we all had LOL we're geeks) on Main Street USA.

Next up, a pic of our good friend Kevin and his daughter Kaylee, because this was just too damn adorable not to show you. (yes, Kevin named his daughter after Kaylee from Firefly/Serenity. Yup, like I said, we're geeks).

Here's my son, bedecked in his pirate-y regalia. We couldn't resist the totally sweet pirate Mickey ears and plastic pirate cutlass. :P

And this one, the Captain Jack Sparrow Money Shot. When we remodel our son's room to be pirate themed, we're blowing this baby up to poster size.

The lovely Cinderella's castle, as seen from Mainstreet USA in Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

Another two shots of the castle at night, showing how by changing the lighting, they can change the color of the castle. I believe it was blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange, and green. :)

And there you have it, the first batch of cool pics from Disney World! :D



At 4:36 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

Those are totally awesome!

I like that camera :)

1) I love those shirts :) You look great.
2) Kaylee is so darn CUTE! How old is she? Does Kev just have the one?
3)I loooove the Mickey pirate hat, Michael totally needs one!
4)I thought that Captain Jack was wax or something! Thats a great picture!
5,6,7, Sigh, I love the castle. sigh

More stories and pictures please! :) I need to plan a Disney World trip, it looks awesome.

At 8:17 PM , Blogger Becka said...


Thanks! We all had our names stitched on the lapels. :D

Kaylee is a mini-Kevin. Probably not so good, considering she's a GIRL. LOL Kevin's wife has one older boy from a previous "sperm donor", so while he's not the biological father, he is "dad". :) He plans on adopting the boy in the future.

The Mickey pirate hat rules because it has an earring. :P They had a princess Minnie pirate hat as well, with a pink bandanna and a silver earring.

Nope, that Captain Jack was the real deal, a real street performer right in front of the "Pirates" ride. If Jim puts some of our video online at You Tube or wherever, I'll provide a linky.

Oh yeah, the castle is awesome. :D

I'll be posting more stories and pictures as the week(s) go on, I'm sure. Everyone will be sick of Disney World when I'm through. LOL :)



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