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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sick. And. Tired.

Well, I went to the doctor yesterday, and was given your basic brush off. You know the kind, where you're in the room with the doc, he's asking questions, scribbling furiously in your chart, and you just know in the back of his mind he's thinking about the burrito he left in the microwave. Why do doctors do all they can to get out of that room??

The only doctor I know of who actually sits down and takes the time to talk to me is my children's pediatrician. He's a great guy. He'll yak with you all the day long. But the doctor at the urgent care yesterday took a quick swab of my throat and left for five minutes to go check for Strep Throat (because I'd been complaining of a painful sore throat). He did manage to listen to my lungs for a bit, but I guess they are clear, no matter how much *I* can hear them rattling in the mornings and evenings...


So, the doc gave me a prescription for cough medicine with Codeine.

It did manage to give me a good night's sleep, so that's a bonus. :P I took some this morning and was a bit loopy. The verdict's still out on whether or not it is actually helping my cough. The doctor's diagnosis was as follows:

"You probably have 'some kind of virus', so just rest, drink fluids, vitamin C, that kind of thing..."

Gotta love it when even the doctor has no fricken' clue what's wrong with you. Here's hopin' I don't have to go back in a few days.



At 2:07 PM , Blogger Joleine said...

I hope you feel better soon!

and please, for the love of everything, don't get the rest of us sick ;)


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