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Sunday, February 11, 2007


Yes, I know this is my personal blog, and I haven't done much "promotion" on this blog in the past. However, since Becka's Babble gets the most traffic out of all of my blogs, I thought I would share a little something with you.

My historical western, IN YOUR ARMS, is my favorite historical romance. Despite the success of ON EAGLE'S WINGS, it was always IYA that I loved. I suppose it's due to the fact I just love cowboys. Or maybe it was my hero, Marcus McCaide, that really tugged at my heart.

But my publisher at Champagne Books has a policy. Books must sell 350 eBooks before they are considered for the print program. IYA's sales have been less than stellar. My B*E*A*S*T* books are selling like hotcakes while my western gets "left in the dust." :(

Therefore, I wanted to ask you to help me out by buying the eBook. Heck, even come back to my Babble blog and let me know your thoughts, good--or bad--if you so desire. If IYA doesn't go to print, it will be the only book of mine that won't go into a print program. And what a shame for a book that's my favorite western!

If you want to do your part in getting IN YOUR ARMS to print, you can buy it at the following link:

You can also watch a video I put together for this book to whet your appitite. :P Thank you for your support, guys. I really hope this book can move some electronic copies in order to have a chance to go into bookstores. Enjoy the video!



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