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Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

Well, the trip to Orlando is no longer "all talk". :) The hubby and I have squared away our plane tickets.

We've also finalized our vacation home.

Seriously folks, if you decide to take a family trip to DisneyWorld, check out the vacation homes BEFORE you go trolling the hotels. The above house was only $150 a night. That might sound expensive...until you realize 14 people will be staying there. THREE FAMILIES. Would we have been able to get three hotel rooms, heck, even *motel* rooms, for $150 a night? The answer is NO. This house has three master bedrooms and plenty of doubles, singles, and bunks for all of our rugrats. So each family couple has their own master bedroom. How sweet is that?!? Not to mention this house has a huge backyard and a large pool. And we're not bothered by lugging things through a hotel lobby. Just take our rental car, park, and we're "home".

Having our own vacation home also means we can go low budget and cook our own meals. There are cooking utensils and plates and everything on hand, even a washer and dryer if you have to do laundry. It's wonderful. It is THE way to go.

Now, we only need to secure our rental van... (we're getting a 15 passenger party van--not anything new for us, since we own one lol)

...and buy our park-hopper tickets and we're golden!

Add to this the new deck we've just ordered and the spa I'm buying TODAY, things are finally coming together. :) The insulation guys were already here yesterday spraying our attic and we've also contracted a company to put in a new furnace/AC/water heater within the next two weeks. :)

This isn't because hubby and I are filthy rich. LOL Remember, we just re-fied our house. AWESOME! :D

So come mid-March, everything on/in the house should be all done! Woohoo! Our trip to DisneyWorld will be completely finalized in the days to come. I'm so excited! Becka and the gang will be in Florida from April 24th to May 5th. If any of you locals can find me, I'd love to say "Hi!" LOL



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