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Monday, February 19, 2007

Mt. Hood

Just look at this mountain. Isn't it beautiful? Mt. Hood looks out over the basin Portland, Oregon is nestled in. In fact, on a clear day, you can see almost every little detail on the mountain in the distance, as it's really the only tall mountain around.

In fact, I even wrote about this mountain in one of my books, UNDERNEATH THE MISTLETOE, in the Mistletoe Magic Christmas Anthology from Champagne Books. The hero and heroine rent a cabin near it. It really is gorgeous.

However, I came across this news article link today on Climbers who had to be rescued off of Mt. Hood's weathered face. Couple this with the tragedy that happened on Mt. Hood just a month or two ago of the climbers who went up--and never came down, you have a daunting image of just how hard it is to climb this mountain. And survive.

I've lived in the Portland area since January of 2001, and I've lost count exactly how many times rescue crews have had to go spelunking on the mountain to find stranded hikers. Seriously. What's the draw? Maybe I'm just not one to find mountain climbing fun. Perhaps it's the thrill of conquering a mountain that others have failed to do. Perhaps it's the overall beauty of Mt. Hood itself.

But word to the wise. Just look at it from afar. Hike the low-lying mountain trails and keep off the peak. I've got to wonder if any other mountain in this country has as many hikers lost and dying than Mt. Hood in Oregon. Don't get me wrong, it's a mountain that will take your breath away. But it will also kick your ass.



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