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Friday, December 01, 2006

Last Night, I Dreamed in Cartoon.

I kid you not, folks. First time it's EVER happened to me. But my dreams were 100% in cartoon. How freaky is that? Is this a sign that I'm a hopeless geek?

Well, we already KNEW that. LOL But what did I dream?

None other than Avatar, The Last Airbender, of course! :P Was there ever any doubt? Heheh

I've talked about this show before, so you should be familiar with it at least. It's a sweet American Anime cartoon on Nickelodeon. You may have seen your children or grandchildren (or DH) watching this show. :P I say "American" Anime, because it was created by two American guys; it's not from Japan. And that gives the show an edge, because there's a lot of American humor and facial expressions that makes it much more personal than an Anime cartoon from Japan, IMO.

With that said, there are some hard core Avatar fans out there. The main characters in the show are Aang, the Avatar, Katara, a master Waterbender, Zuko, the prince of the Fire Nation, Sokka, Katara's warrior brother, Toph, a blind Earthbender, Appa, the six-legged flying Bison (just go with it lol), and Momo, the cute little lemur/bat/cat thingy. :P

In the show, Aang has a big crush on Katara. She cares for him as well, but she's not sure if it's "love". Zuko is older than they are, but he's a tortured hero. He's an outcast from the Fire Nation because his father, the Fire Lord, banished him and scarred him for life with a burn mark on his face. So he doesn't have a place in the world. He believes by catching the Avatar, he'll assure himself back into his father's good graces.

Now, you know how the media takes celeb couple's names and mixes them like "Brangelina" and "Bennifer"? Well, the fans have come up with their own combos. There are two camps. "Kataang" (Katara with Aang) and "Zutara" (Zuko with Katara). These fans are rabid, wanting some kind of love story between either one couple or the other, so there's this kind of love "triangle" on the show. (However Zuko and Katara haven't had a lot of airtime together. There's a mutual respect between them, but so far, it hasn't blossomed into anything more, but dang are the fans hopin'!)

So in my dream last night, I dreamt that Katara and Zuko got together, and I was THERE! :D I know, I know, you're raising your brow and thinking to yourself Becka needs to lay off the pot-laced brownies. Well... I really have no excuse why I dreamt this. It was so odd! But really really cool at the same time!

As much as I really like the Avatar's character (the one with the arrow on his head), I'm hoping for Zuko and Katara to get together. He's so lost, he needs a direction; something to fight for. And the idea of a master Waterbender with a master Firebender seems so perfect. Aside from the fact that in the show, a "psychic" told Katara she'd marry a "powerful" bender. Of course, this leaves room for the question: "Will it be Aang or Zuko?"

I really think it will be Zuko. And I think he'll invade the Fire Nation with Aang, overthrow his father, and take his place as Fire Lord with Katara as his queen.

At least, that's what I'm HOPING will happen. LOL So I'm in the Zutara camp. :P Now, this video is fan-made, and it's REALLY awesome. I love the song they used. It's called "Stand My Ground", and it shows both Katara and Zuko doing some awesome bending with fire and water with their opponents, and at the end, it shows Katara and Zuko fighting each other. Too flippin' sweet!

Remember, the HOUR LONG season finale of Avatar is on Nickelodeon at 8pm TONIGHT!!! Don't miss it!! :D



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