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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Do You Know the Way to Use eBay?

**above title of blog post to be sung in tune of "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?"**


Okay, folks, I'm trying it again. EBay. Which, according to Weird Al, is a world-wide garage sale.

My garage sale didn't do as well as I might have liked. Things I'm listing on Craig's List aren't getting any interest. So I've decided to hit up eBay for a few items around the house.

I used to be an avid eBay-er. I had my own eBay store, even. But I decided to fold my teddy bear business after low sales and my first book contract. I just didn't have time for the bears any more. So now I'm jumping in again, tentative at best, because I don't want to rack up the fees, as it were. Many of my friends tout Craig's List, however, I've found it doesn't work so well with books or yarn you want to get rid of. Appliances or furniture, heck yeah! Go for Craig's List. But it seems certain items sell better on eBay.

If you ever get a chance, my eBay ID is "Beckabecks". Come on over and check out my auctions! I won't have a slew of them, but hopefully I'll have a few of them as time goes on, if only to get rid of the clutter as a last ditch effort. Why give to Goodwill when you can make $$ on eBay? LOL

If my items fail on eBay, then Goodwill, here they come. :P

And for good measure, a treat:




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