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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Stacking the Deck

Remember the re-fi home improvement DH and I are doing? Well, yesterday, the deck guys came out and demolished our deck. Right now, we have NO deck on the back of our house. Yes, we've locked the upstairs sliding glass door AND placed a wedge in the track so you can't "accidentally" open it.

Here are some before and after pics:




They're coming back Monday to put up the frame, then Tuesday they'll build the deck, and Wednesday put up the final touches. We're going to be getting our spa either on Wednesday or Thursday of next week, and the electrician is coming out on Monday to take a look about putting in a dedicated power source for the spa.

Also, the furnace/AC/water heater guy is coming out on Monday as well. I'm going to have a house full of contracters next week. Wheee!! :P But it's so exciting everything is finally getting done.

And so very odd to look out the window and not see a deck there. LOL



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