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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's Decktastic and Spaaabulous!

Our new deck is about 90% installed now. Woohoo!! No longer do we have Hideous Deck from Hell. Check out the pics of Goings deck 2.0:

That lattice is going up around all the sides of the deck to give us privacy for our... **applause**


This beautiful, 6 person spa is made by Coleman, guaranteed to give you long, relaxing hours of . . . relaxation. :D Here is our spa coming off the truck:


And our spa going down our treacherous side yard.

"You got it?"
"No, I thought you got it!"
"What?? I don't got it!"

Be careful, guys!


Our spa trying to maneuver past our massive, new deck, our now-useless firepit (there, next to the stairs), and our (out-of-sight-behind-the-spa) little towel table for our pool. A pool table, if you will. Nyuk nyuk.


Finally, the spa is in position! After much foul language, belittlings of delivery co-workers, and cajoling of my furnace/water heater/air conditioner guy to help them out! (I think they're exact words were, "Oh thank God, another man. Can you give us a hand?")


At 8 feet by 8 feet, this spa is a BEAST (no pun intended lol). Here it is, at rest with it's cover on.


Now, the furnace/water heater/air conditioner guy has left, and yes, we have a new furnace, a new water heater, and a new air conditioner. Let me tell you, we are LOVING our new water heater. Wow, the difference between electric and gas is NIGHT and DAY. No longer do we have to keep turning up the heat to have a hot shower. Our new gas water heater is the shizzy. Our furnace is so cute and tiny compared to our locomotive-esque furnace we had before. And I'm excited as hell to fire up that A/C unit come summer time!! :D

The electrician will be done hooking up the spa this afternoon, and we'll just have to wait for the deck guys to come back on Friday to finish up the final touches on our new deck, and the Goings' house transformation will be complete.

All in one week. Man-o-man. I'm so worn out. Thank God I've got a spa to go soak in . . . LOL!! :D



At 5:53 PM , Blogger Joleine said...

It looks awesome :) Can't wait to come see it :)

One question though, I thought it was going to go under Levi's window?

At 5:57 PM , Blogger Becka said...

Hey Joleine! Unfortunately, the "budge" didn't allow for a bigger deck. However, this deck *is* bigger than our old one by a lot. Getting rid of the staircase on the side allowed for all that room to be used for decking instead of staircase.

Now, the staircase is on the front, totally separated from the deck itself. So instead of being this weird little square, it's a full rectangle. :P

The spa was always going to go on the concrete slab underneath the deck, never under Levi's window. I assumed you were talking of the deck, not the spa. lol


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