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Friday, June 20, 2008

Alegra Day Spa

For those of you who are local to the Hillsboro/Beaverton/Aloha area of the Portland suburbs, you might have heard of Alegra Day Spa. It's a foofy spa slash hair salon my DH booked me at for a Mother's Day present. I'd gotten my hair done at a salon only one other time in my life, and had reverted back to doing my own "box color". It wasn't working for me, clearly, so he made an appointment and away I went to get my hair done.

The coloring was a decent job. They got rid of the "orange" in my hair from my box attempts to get my frickin' hair blonde. :P I got blonde highlights and a light brownish color that can now be lightened at my next appointment if I so desire.

So, let me regale the rest of my experiences. Upon walking in to this day spa, located near the corner of Cornell Road and Cornelius Pass Rd., in the Winco/Joann's shopping center, you can tell it's a foofy place. They have comfortable chairs, wood accents and lovely lighting. While my coloring was great, I was very pleased with that, my haircut was not. I'd wanted layers, and the woman did cut layers into my hair, but you could barely see them. Perhaps she didn't go as "short" as I'd wanted on my layers, I don't know. All I know is, my hair doesn't look like my friend Val's. :P Maybe I should take Val with me when next I cut my hair.

Second of all, my husband was quoted a price over the phone and told they would honor that price, no matter the work. I didn't know of this conversation, and thus they charged me a different, higher price. When I told DH this, he became irritated, because he'd been promised this other price. But the deed was done and they'd been paid - why bitch? It sucked, but hey, I had no clue about this conversation, or else I would have haggled.

I then made another appointment for 6/28 and went on my merry way (this was a few weeks ago). Just recently, I'd remembered this appointment and lamented my own stupidity for scheduling it on my daughter's 8th birthday. Not only is she testing for a new belt in Karate that day, but it's her birthday party AND she wants to see the new movie Wall-E. Well, can't exactly squeeze in a 2 1/2 hour hair salon trip that day.

So I called them today to cancel, and the lady who answered the phone actually sighed heavily into the phone when I told her. Her once jovial voice faded into a monotone as she said, "What's your name?" I told her, and said I'd be calling again to reschedule for sometime in July, but I just didn't know when, as I should come in on a Saturday, and I want to make sure I have the money. She kind of grunted at me, then said, "Okay." Nothing else.

I had no clue whether or not she'd found my name in her book, so I said, "My appointment was for 10am." To this she replies with a very nasty, "OKAY!"

I was kind of taken aback, so I just said thanks and hung up.

Now, their website says something to the effect of if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, they charge you 1/2 the fee of the job. Okay, I can see being pissy about canceling so soon. But 8 days out? I dunno, maybe that's too soon as well. But things happen. I mean, heck, I could have a family emergency and you're gonna give me shiat for canceling a dang hair appointment? Boo hoo for putting you out, man.

Your pedicurist doesn't even do cute little toe art. (Found that out from my friend who also had an appointment there.) LOL

Long story short, I will be finding a new salon to go to from now on. Life's entirely too short for someone to give me crap for canceling a hair appointment an entire week in advance.

Professionalism. You have none.



At 10:10 PM , Blogger Joleine said...

That really sucks that they were so rude to you!! I'm looking for a new hair person too, as going downtown for hair is not convenient. I've got an appointment tomorrow at Poshe Salon over here on Cornelius Pass/Baseline.. Their website says a woman's shampoo and cut is $25... and they got REALLY good reviews on Citysearch.. I'll let you know how it goes, and well, you can see it tomorrow :)

At 12:48 PM , Blogger Luann said...

What a shame that such a nice gesture/gift for Mother's Day didn't turn out so well. I'd be tempted to write a letter to or talk with the owner/manager and let them know that their salon, to put it nicely, sucks on customer service/satisfaction. If you experience is how they normally treat people (especially on the phone), this business won't last long. Mom

At 7:32 AM , Blogger Jim said...

I actually thought their work was just OK. Your hair looked good, but no where near as awesome as last time.

Also, Karen was disappointed with them. She actually had better nails on when she went in.

It sounds like they don't have skilled people there. We're clearly done with them.


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