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Friday, June 22, 2007

Becka's Hottie of the Week

This week's Hottie is a man I actually had never seen before this very morning. Shocking, I know. I was chatting with my publisher at Champagne Books via Yahoo IM, and asked her to suggest a Hottie for me this week, as I just wasn't "feelin" anyone. She came back with this man, who, in all honesty, is pretty smokin', I must say. What's his name? Mr. Eduardo Verastegui.

Don't ask me how to pronounce his last name, because I've got absolutely no idea. All I know about this guy is he was born in Mexico, was in some kind of Mexican boy band, and starred in a few Mexican soaps. (I bet that was wildly entertaining. I love watching those over-the-top soaps. You don't even have to know Spanish to be entertained. LOL)

But this Eduardo guy... He's got "it", whatever "it" is. He's a handsome guy, what can I say? He's a little older than me, which is a bonus, because it seems anyone who's anyone cool nowadays is younger than me. :P Yup, I'm gettin' old. But he was born in 1974, same year I was, but in May, as opposed to October.

I love his thick, dark hair and expressive eyes. Perfect for the portrait of a romance hero, don't you think? :P Many thanks to Ellen at Champagne Books for pointing him out to me. Imagine. I could have gone my entire life without ever seeing this man's face. Heh. Congratulations, Eduardo Verastegui. You're Becka's Hottie of the Week!



At 6:02 AM , Blogger Sandra said...

He's got yummy bedroom eyes.

At 8:40 AM , Blogger Becka said...


Yes, he does, but you know, I've noticed a trend with hottie male models.

They don't smile.

What the heck? Why not? I think some men are at their sexiest when they smile. It doesn't even have to be a toothy grin, just a little suggestive upturn of the mouth, you know?

Everyone drools over Andrei Claude, one of the more famouse romance eBook cover models, but I seriously think the man would be hotter if he cracked a smile, like a "hey there, you look good enough to eat" kinda smile. ;)


At 8:26 AM , Blogger Sandra said...

Yeah, they should smile more. But I think without the smile, it gives the appeal of wanting a woman to cheer him up, ya know like a tortured hero? I always fall for them.

It also makes them more mysterious. Makes you wonder what deep dark thoughts are going through their heads.

Or maybe it is a smoldering look sometimes. Makes you wonder which woman is on the receiving end.


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